About me

My name is Patricio Alejandro Galindo, I’m a Computer Vision and Image Processing Research Engineer. I studied Systems Engineering and later obtained an MSc in Vision, Image and Signal Processing from the Heriot-Watt University in UK (2009). I then earned my PhD in Computer Vision at INRIA (France), where I focused my research on image based 3D reconstruction and optical flow computation (2014).
I currently work at Iris Automation, Heading the R&D team in the development of sense and avoid systems for industrial drones. For my contributions in Sense and Avoid using Computer Vision I was awarded the MIT Innovator Under 35 recognition in 2017.
Manned intruder detection
Manned intruder detection
In October 2018 I founded my own company, View-Factor, where we aim to improve vehicular traffic in cities by using Computer Vision and Machine Learning. We work on sensing, traffic lights orchestration and traffic analytics.

Multi-modal detection and traffic coordination