The following are samples of previous and current work I’ve worked on hands on. Feel free to contact me through LinkedIn or twitter if you would like to know more.

Iris Automation

Detection of a manned intruder (from a fixed wing drone)


Early demo video with basic setup, detections, counting and coordination:

Our analytics platform:

PhD work

The following are some of my 3D reconstruction results:

Face reconstruction using multiple images

Fountain P11 from the EPFL dataset (only 2 of the 11 images shown)

Herz-Jesu (EPFL dataset) pointcloud reconstruction from two views (2 and 3)

Face reconstruction using four images

A glimpse of some of my old work @Fitle

Body shape estimation from 3 pictures

Images shown as a reference, the actual images used for this body shape estimation were taken with underwear only but using the same setup and pose.

A simple Body shape generator from measurements